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PAMELA WIBLE, M.D., pioneered the first ideal medical clinic—designed entirely by patients—and has been delivering ideal care to her community for over a decade. She’s taught 100s of doctors just like YOU to open ideal clinics. This one-and-only program offers you a safe, supportive community and a step-by-step formula for your dream clinic. Learn from leading docs in the Ideal Medical Care Movement who share their top success secrets. Launch your practice with proven strategies! Stop suffering, bypass bureaucracy, thrill patients—and never have another bad day at the office!  Wahoooooo!!! :) :) 

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"This is like nothing we've ever learned before. It's a physician wellness and business strategy course that has changed doctors’ lives." ~ Dustin Hamilton M.D., ER physician, Kentucky

"The single most amazing thing I've done professionally." ~ Dena Lacara, D.O.., family physician, New Jersey

"I wish I'd started this program BEFORE I spent $100K on a Masters Program!" ~ Helen Rhodes, M.D., OB/gynecology

"This course was jam-packed with content and emotional work. I came in doubtful, yet hopeful, and left empowered with an action plan." ~ Dara Lifshutz, M.D., radiologist, New York


Live Your Dream!
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Teleseminar With Pamela Wible, M.D.
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WEEK 1 (Aug 13) ~ Service: Patient Satisfaction Success. Claim your vision. Define your ideal clinic and your ideal patient. Learn tips & tricks to attract your target demographic and enjoy loyal patients for life.

WEEK 2 (Aug 20) ~ The Joy Of Doctoring. Turn work into play—and actually GET PAID for having fun with patients. Overcome fatigue with enthusiasm by integrating random acts of joy into your practice.

WEEK 3 (Aug 27) ~ Mentorship & Networking. Learn the benefits of having the ideal mentor now. How to network and pair up with the right partner this week.

WEEK 4 (Sept 3) ~ Creative (& Cost-Saving) Business Strategies. Learn how to effortlessly energize patients and staff. Discover unique office locations. Explore innovative staffing solutions. Make a “Do-It-Yourself EMR.” Find low-cost malpractice insurance & more.

WEEK 5 (Sept 10) ~ Boost Your Self-Confidence Now! Figure out what you’re actually doing for patients and what they really need from you. Expand your definition of what it means to be a doctor and break free from fear-driven medicine.

WEEK 6 (Sept 17) ~ Build Your Community.  Learn 5 ways to discover what your town really wants. Engage your community and colleagues to help you design, create, and fund your clinic. Find out how! 

WEEK 7 (Sept 24) ~ Money: Financial Freedom For Physicians. Discover the top 12 medical business models and find the right one(s) for you. Decide whether to accept insurance. Do your own billing (it’s fun!). Streamline coding & claims. Get paid fast. Slash overhead. Simplify your life by going solo. Yes! You can work less, earn more, and be debt-free. 

WEEK 8 (Oct 1) ~ Marketing, Mentoring & Masterminding. Never waste money on advertising. Be media savvy and get publicity for free. Master social media to promote your unique message. Discover new mentors and learn from their mistakes now. Learn why mentoring is the best CME! 

WEEK 9 (Oct 8) ~ How To Love The Stuff You Hate. Learn how to do painless refills. Always get paid for paperwork. Stop no shows. Never follow stupid rules—by making your own! Create a concise one-page office policy. Master Pamela Wible's favorite method to get rid of office irritants once and for all. 

WEEK 10 (Oct 15-19) ~ Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat! Create your personalized action plan among newfound friends and colleagues in the MOST BEAUTIFUL mountain retreat center. Enjoy an off-the-grid, off-the-Internet experience for five days with NO CALL!!!!  ONLY FOR FULL COURSE

BONUS (Oct 22) ~ Coaching Call For Graduates! Get your last-minute questions answered so you can launch your dream!

Jennifer Zomnir, M.D. 
family physician, Texas

"Treat yourself as well as you treat your patients. This isn’t about having a crappy job and getting a less crappy job . . . You're in an abusive system. . .
 if you had a patient come in and she said, ‘my husband hits me sometimes and he locks me out of the house and I can’t go to the bathroom or he doesn’t let me eat and he expects me to have everything done and makes me stay up to do my work until 3 in the morning, but, ya know, I have a nice house and my car is good.’ You wouldn’t tell her, ‘Well, it will probably get better.’ You would say, ‘You need to leave now and here’s my phone number to call for help.'"
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